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Now, foreign demand is not strong, Retro jordans for sale shoe prices have to test the domestic market, want to go it alone. Reporters found that in the most intensive shoe factory in Houjie Town, at the end of last year began to appear some stock shoes shop, and opened two new small shoes. Today, foreign trade shoe shops are springing up, and they are already in the market, prompting wealthy bosses to invest in large markets. month, Retro jordans for sale dozens of new shoe stores, one month dozens of new shoe stores, , looked across the road liaoxia, within the last month, at least 30 out like bamboo shoots after a spring rain shoe shop, Senda industry investment limited company boss Linda some envious. He found that the village, which was not very large, grew up to two hundred or three hundred shoe stores. cheap jordans online the change began after the financial turmoil of the second half of last year. At that time, there were a large number of shops selling finished shoes in Houjie village, Laos village and three Tuen Mun village. After this year's new year, the shoe store opened up almost crazy. 20, the reporter found in the Houjie ha ha village visits, at least more than 10 Street Cheap air jordans for sale shops are being renovated, or installation of display rack, or put in the appearance of the accumulation of shoes placed shelves. Although these shoes stores gathered in the village of Lao Tong, they were mainly paved on the street and scattered. After the financial turmoil, Houjie also appeared in two relatively concentrated shoes. A home is located in Houjie Avenue Yifan shoe cheap jordan shoes for men city, another is located in the three village of the red shoe trade. Yifan shoes is opened in August last year, on the two floor of a total of about 120 of the pavement, first floor had all been opened, red shoes is the end of the opening to foreign trade, there are about eighty or ninety shops, there are about 70% of the facade opened. mainland tourists swept stock shoes de Feng trade shoes Ltd. is a foreign trade shoe shops red street. The boss Tao Sixiu, she is open two months ago, the store sold shoes are factory stock shoes or poop. If the buyer sees a certain shoes, they can also order through the shoe factory, they can get certain "intermediary fee"". these shoes or POOP is how come? Dongguan leather shoes Association vice president Qi Yaochang introduction, there are 4 main antecedents: first, Dongguan shoe factory mainly for export, after receipt of order to prevent)Time: 2007-04-19 13:57, source: Asia Footwear Association Author: Asian Footwear Association Click: times, but some people are happy, some people worry. Wu Zhenchang, chairman of the Guangdong based footwear industry, said orders from the European Union had increased. "We thought that after the imposition of anti-dumping duties, EU orders would turn to Thailand and indonesia." However, in recent years, Indonesia's political instability, and the Yuan's recent strength, loss of competitiveness, the footwear industry in Vietnam as China facilities, coupled with the recent appreciation of the euro, This