Nokia 515

Nokia 515 is a single-SIM budget mobile. It is constructed out of aluminium. It has a 2.4-inch LCD screen coated with Gorilla Glass 2. Nokia 515 features a 5 MP camera with LED flash. 256 MB ROM with a micro-SD slot (32 GB total). An incredible 38 days battery life. Connects to 3G networks.

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Nokia 515 Details

Design and Specifications
The Nokia 515 is a new budget mobile from Nokia that is intricately designed. Nokia has raised the bar for build quality and durability with the construction of the 515, which features a shell that is made out of anodised aluminium. The screen is coated with scratch resistant Gorilla Glass 2, which assists in the durability. Even the keyboard is made out of hardened polycarbonate. The Nokia 515 comes with a 2.4-inch screen with a resolution of 160 x 120, is very lightweight, and at an overall thickness of 11-inches, is sleek. The Nokia 515 is currently single-SIM, although a dual-SIM version will be out shortly. The mobile is available in black and white.
Camera and Multimedia
The Nokia 515 features a 5 MP camera that has auto-focus and LED flash. The camera allows you to take sequential shots, and contains a voice-guided feature for taking self-portraits. Also included is a panorama mode. Nokia has included a new image sharing service called Nokia Slam through which you can share your images easily using Bluetooth. If you're looking to listen to tunes on the go on the Nokia 515, you're covered as the device includes codecs for all the major audio and video formats.
Connectivity and Features
The Nokia 515 can connect to 3G networks, which makes it the first feature phone from Nokia to do so. The HSDPA connection allows you to access data incredibly fast, and should make connecting to social networks on the go a breeze. On that note,Facebook, Twitter and Nimbuzz come loaded by default on the device. Nokia is including a Mail for Exchange client along with the Nokia 515, through which you can work mails hosted on Exchange server accounts. Nokia Xpress Browser caches websites and minimizes data usage, which results in websites loading faster.
Battery and Storage
Nokia claims that the battery on the Nokia 515 is so good that it can last a total of 38 days on a single charge. That is a truly astounding number,and one that will attract a lot of buyers. In terms of internal memory, the Nokia 515 offers a meager 256 MB, but it does come with a micro-SD card slot that can boost total storage to 32 GB.